the studio

Founded in 2001 by German qualified communications designer (diploma), art director, and visual artist Anette Waldeck, Loon* mediavision is a branding and digital creative consulting company, also mastering film, video, and online marketing conception, production, and editing. With its diverse units, the team, including daughter Leonie Waldeck (cand. bachelor film and production) offers visual, corporate and editorial design, print, application, web appearance, moving image conception, screen writing and production, post-production, production design, interior design, and photography. The studio collaborates and works with producers, companies, and clients from diverse fields.

academic work

For many years, founder Anette Waldeck has performed academic work as a member of the media design faculty at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Germany, where she taught inter-disciplinarily in the fields of visual arts, media, and interactive design. She can exhibit the significant success of former students which includes awards and publications. Her responsibilities included the supervision of projects and diploma theses, holding lectures on web application, multidimensional interaction conceptions design, and visual arts. Classes were taught in English and German.